Gifts for Preschoolers: Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Holiday Gift Guide for preschoolers, gift for preschooler, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for preschoolers, gifts for 4 year olds

Holiday Gift Guide for preschoolers, gift for preschooler, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for preschoolers, gifts for 4 year olds

As promised, here is the third in the series of gift guides for this holiday season. All of the gifts on this list are geared for the preschool age group (3-4-year-olds). If you are shopping for babies or toddlers, make sure you check out THESE other gift guides. You’ll also find gift ideas for Mom and Dad there, too. Happy shopping!

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Gifts for Preschoolers

Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Melissa & Doug is a favorite of mine and I think this ice scream counter is just adorable! The kiddos get to scoop the ice cream and place it on top of one of the cones. They can put a few scoops on top if they want. I’ve played with the smaller version of the ice cream counter, but this one has a larger variety. It is really great for dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Tinkertoy Basic Building Kit

I grew up playing with Tinkertoys. They are awesome for fostering those engineering skills. They can be used through a lot of age groups, too, as they can start to build more complex structures. I would love receiving this gift, even now! 🙂

ALEX Discover Play All Day Learning Kit

This learning kit has 7 on the go activities. It includes matching activities, counting, shape recognition, storytelling, and more. Kiddos also get the opportunity to color and personalize the carrying case.

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

This can be used early on as just a drawing activity, but it can turn into a learning activity very easily. This product teaches stroke order when writing letters, can be programmed with the child’s name for step-by-step name practice, and progresses from simple lines and shapes to letters.

Make Learning Fun!

Magnetic Letters and Numbers for Educating Kids in Fun

My daughter LOVES her magnetic letters and numbers. They are currently strewn across our house. These are great for preschoolers because you can start working on letter and number recognition, spelling their name, and even reading. I’ve seen parents put these in a metal lunchbox for easy travel, too. Might be a great thing to take out to restaurants or on car rides.

Melissa & Doug Basic Skills Board

Preschoolers should be starting to gain a bit of independence from the adults in their lives. Teaching them how to zip, button, tie, and snap are wonderful skills that will help them get dressed on their own. This basic skills board has basic closures that kiddos should learn. Some of these closures will be easy to master and others will take a bit of time, but this is a fun way to practice!

Skoolzy Peg Board Set

This peg board set is a HUGE hit in my preschool class. The kiddos will sort them by color and make towers as big as they can. They are a favorite toy. With this set, you can also download activity cards that kiddos can try to match.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures

Pretend play is wonderful for preschoolers. This set comes with 7 farm animals and a beautiful wooden barn. Again, Melissa & Doug is one of my favorite brands. This is a high-quality set and kiddos are sure to have fun setting up their own farm.

Books are always a wonderful gift, no matter what the occasion is!

Arts & Crafts Make Awesome Gifts!

Preschoolers love to create! Art supplies are great for this age. Make sure anything you get is non-toxic and washable because they tend to make a mess and some still end up eating the paint. You may want to verify with the child’s parents about giving them glitter or other materials. Some parents despise glitter and wouldn’t want it in their home.

The Flower Play Mat: Make Play Time Less Messy!
flower play mat in mint

The Flower Play Mat is wonderful for little artists and crafters. The flower has six different compartments that can hold paint, glue, sequins, glitter, and much more! The flat space is great for holding a paper in place and keeping messes a bit more contained. The mat is also adorable. Like the other ezpz products I’ve shared with you (HERE and HERE), the Flower Play Mat suctions to the surface it is set on so it can’t be easily moved. What a great gift for parents and kiddos!

Happy Shopping!

I hope you found everything you needed in my Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers. Gifts for preschoolers can be tough to buy. If you are shopping for other little ones or for Mom & Dad, be sure to check out THESE other wonderful gift guides. I created these gift guides to make shopping easier. I hope that they have been helpful to you!

If you are looking for some fun holiday crafts, check out the Super Simple Christmas Tree and the Graham Cracker Gingerbread House that we created. They were so very fun to make! I definitely recommend getting a few kiddos together to make the gingerbread houses. It was so fun to hear their reasons for decorating things the way they did. If you create a gingerbread house, please share it with me! I would love to see them!

Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gift Guide for preschoolers, gift for preschooler, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for preschoolers, gifts for 4 year olds

2 thoughts on “Gifts for Preschoolers: Holiday Shopping Made Easy

  1. Oh my gosh, Tinkertoys! I totally forgot about this (I don’t think I ever played with them as a kid), but it seems like a perfect toy that doesn’t take up much room and can grow with my child. I’m also going to check out those pegs, they look neat.

    1. Tinkertoys are so much fun and definitely grow with kiddos! Those pegs are a fan favorite in my preschool classroom. They come up with all sorts of ways to play with them!

      Thanks for reading!

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