Storytime Saturday: All Better!

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Book: All Better! All Better! is an interactive board book that is wonderful for toddlers and preschoolers. The book comes with five reusable bandage stickers to place on the “owies” that each of the animal friends receives. Not only do readers get to place the bandages, but the story teaches them the steps to make

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Storytime Saturday: Big Book of Colors

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Book: The Usborne Big Book of Colors The Usborne Big Book of Colors is a large board book, with beautiful illustrations, that is perfect for learning colors. It has a color wheel that spins, information about mixing colors, and an acetate page at the end to show how colors change when mixed with others. This

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Storytime Saturday: The Rainy Day

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Book: The Rainy Day The Rainy Day is a wonderful book, filled with facts all about why it rains and the effects of the rain on animals, plants, and the ground. This book has beautiful illustrations and simple text that is easy for preschoolers to understand. My daughter is almost two and really liked to

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Valentine Craft for Toddlers: Handprint Heart

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Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday. I love all of the pink and red that go along with all of the adorable hearts. Lots of fun crafts can come from Valentine’s Day. From the Valentine boxes to the Valentine cards, Valentine’s Day is full of pretty crafts for kids to make. A great Valentine craft

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